Selfless offering and the joy of coexistence result in beautiful events within the “Geiosis” community.

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AlkminiAlkmini was born in Thessaloniki in January 1978. Despite her reactionary nature as a child – according to everyone – she learned discipline and planning thanks to her energetic mother. Early on, her family taught her values like the good relationship with her body, physical exercise as a way of life and a balanced nutrition as the foundation to good health and well-being. Her mother, who was a P.E. teacher, encouraged her to love exercise and make it part of her daily routine from the age of three, while her father’s open mindedness instilled in her the desire to search her inner self from as early as adolescence.

Her earliest memories of Yoga go back to the age of 5 or 6, when she remembers waking up on Sunday mornings and seeing her father practicing Yoga in their living room. Being artistic, she also started painting from an early age and later took up classical and modern dance. She studied Law in Thessaloniki, did a Master’s and a Ph.D. in Athens and for years she was in search of her own path in the world of Law and courtrooms.

In 2009 she met Yoga. From the very first moment, she felt that this was her own path. Every chance she had, she attended Yoga and Thai yoga massage seminars in Greece and abroad. Yoga had already become her way of life. In 2011 she decided to turn her life around, give up her job and flee to the mountains. On one of these trips she met Sotiris who had given up his life in Athens as well as a career in Economics, in order to live in his father’s village, Raches Messinia, and combine his love for the mountains with his love for cooking. Meeting Sotiris was a milestone in her life and by January 2012 she had already moved to Messinia permanently.

For Alkmini, Yoga and Thai yoga massage are the means to a constant search into her inner self and her dharma is to share her experience. She trusts the universe, her inner strength and the way of the heart. She is grateful for what Mother Nature offers her and learns through observing it. She lives in Raches with Sotiris and their little sunbeam.


StavrosStavros was born in July 1975 in Areopoli Lakonia. He had a happy childhood full of memories of football, war play, hide and seek and hopscotch. He attended high school in the nearby town of Gytheio. He used to study hard on weekdays and work with his family in the fields at weekends. He had always felt familiar in nature and so he decided to become an agriculturist. He graduated from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in 1998 with a degree in Agriculture – Food Science and Technology. In 2003, having finished his military service and postgraduate studies, he returned to Gytheio and became self-employed, offering his services to farmers interested in participating in EU subsidy programs. Five years later, in 2008, following a doctor’s advice “not to get stressed”, he took his first Yoga class with Evridiki Arapaki as his teacher. She had moved to Gytheio after many years in Amsterdam where she taught Iyengar-based Hatha Yoga, meditation, yoga dance και dance therapy. After attending her classes for three years, he received his diploma in Hatha yoga in 2011 at Gerry Rixen’s school. Gery is a highly active Anglo-German teacher who owns three yoga and shiatsu schools in southern France and a house in northern Spain. He had been organizing Yoga seminars in Skoutari Lakonia since 1990 and in 2011 he held the first summer yoga teacher training course. With Gerry’s help, he learned a lot about shiatsu and Chinese medicine. A year before that, in 2010, under Fokke Brick’s guidance – a Dutch reiki master – Stavros mastered the first degree reiki and in 2012 he was attuned to the second degree. In summer 2011, he took up tai chi and chi quong classes held by his fellow townsman Napoleon Xifaras at his summer house in Limeni Lakonia. Stavros has been teaching Hatha Yoga and meditation in Gytheio and Sparti since 2014, has also been giving reiki treatments, still works as an agriculturist and spends his free time tending his olive trees, playing the ney, studying French and taking long walks in nature.

He met Alkmini and Sotiris in November 2012 at a seminar in Sellasia Lakonia, and in August 2013 he signed as a witness at their wedding. He has been communicating with Ilida through reiki since early on in her life.

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friends volunteersFriends from Greece and abroad gladly volunteer to share their searches and experiences with us. Selfless offering and the joy of coexistence result in beautiful events within the “Geiosis” community.