Inspiration for Transformation (25 May – 1 June 2019)

The travel to the inner self through the path of hatha therapeutic yoga. Pranayama, meditation, asanas, yoga nidra will combine our tools for this week. We will take time to work on our body, connect to our breath, observe the noise in our mind and the power of our heart…

The healing touch, the first sense we experience when we are born but forget as we grow up… Nowadays, the touch has guilt within, and implies feelings other than pure need for healing. Through sessions of thai yoga and ayurvedic massage we will remind the self and awake the very first sense of touch which we all carry within us…

Living in nature, man was literally surrounded by his food and the only thing he had to do was to collect it: wild greens, roots, herbs, salt, fruits and fresh vegetables. This way of life was a necessity for survival, and the valuable knowledge about what wild foods can be gathered was passed on from generation to generation. Now this knowledge is in danger of dying out. Let’s explore it!
During this week, we will come close to nature and re-mind the self of its origin, its nature, its purity, its simplicity. We re-bulid our body, re-fresh our mind, melt our soul, open our heart, remember the joy of connecting, of being open and free, remember the power of nature, its nutritive and therapeutic power, the source of pure and useful foods.
We remember qualities of the self that have been forgotten…

In a small village called Raches, Messenia Greece, with the most incredible sunset ever seen! Our host is Enastron Villas, a small paradise of stone houses.

Yoga and massage with Alkmini, an ex-attorney-at-law who chose to live in nature practicing yoga and massage instead of struggling in the courtrooms of big cities.
Foraging with Sotiris, a visioner who loves mountains, wind surfing and good food.

We start our day with mild, therapeutic or more dynamic yoga practice influenced by hatha, ashtanga and yin traditions, combined with pranayama and relaxation techniques. After our practice, we enjoy our breakfast made of local products carefully chosen by Sotiris. We will visit the beach and connect to the sun and the sea. Some days we go foraging salt in the little island of Protis or wild sea greens, and we cook them all together! Other days we tender ourselves with a massage session. In the evening, we share a delicious vegetarian dinner cooked with love. And at night, we meditate and absorb the energy of the whole day and then keep mouna until next day after breakfast.

07.00-09.00 Pranayama/Yoga Practice
09.00-10.00 Breakfast
10.00-18.00 Swimming/Foraging/Massage Sessions/Excursions
19.00-20.00 Dinner
20.00-21.00 Free Time
21.00-21.30 Meditation and Mouna

Daily yoga practice/Pranayama/Meditation
Two massage treatments per person (thai yoga and ayurvedic massage)
Guided foraging excursions by your own means (we may share the available vehicles though)
Breakfast and dinner

Airport tickets
Transformation from and to the airport (we may support it though)
Means for the excursions (we may share the available vehicles though)

Driving to Raches takes about fifty minutes from Kalamata or three hours from Athens. For our Norwegian travelers, flight tickets to Kalamata can be bought through Apollo at

€ 780,-

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